Diplomatic Practice I (550)
The course examines the establishment conduct of diplomatic relations, the organization and functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Introduction to International Relations (560)
This course examines the theories of operation of the International Political System with emphasis on Nature of Power, conflict, and approaches to international peace and cooperation.

Public International Law I (580)
This course examines the nature and development of International Law. Subjects of International Law, immunities from Jurisdiction, Jurisdiction over persons, and International Criminal Law.

Liberian Diplomatic History (590)
This course examines the conduct of Liberian Diplomacy during few periods, pre world War ll world War ll, the cold war period, and the post-cost war period. Both internal and external factors which influenced Liberia's Foreign Policy are analyzed.

Diplomatic Practice II (650)
This course examines protocol and procedure, diplomatic privileges and immunities under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic (1961, and Convention on Consular Relations (1963).

International Organization (670)
An examination of the development of contemporary Inter-Governmental Political Organizations with emphasis on the United Nations System, the OAU/AU, and ECOWAS.

Public International Law II (680)
This course examines territorial question as they relate to Jurisdiction over, International Agreements, and peaceful settlement of disputes.

International Political Economy (690)
An examination of political determinants of International Economic Relations with emphasis on the North-South Dialogue, International Trade, International Monetary Exchange, and Regional Integration.

Diplomatic Practice III (750)
This course examines the functioning of the United Nations. The Organization and function of Liberia's permanent Mission to the United Nations. The Vienna Convention on the representation of States in their relations with International Organizations of a universal charter (1975), Conference Practice and Management, the diplomat and the media.

Comparative Foreign Policy (760)
An analysis of Foreign Policy making with attention to the varying impact of political culture and political institutions. Selected case studies will include the USA, Russia, EU, Japan, China, and the Third World.

Liberia Foreign Trade, Interantional Trade and Investment (770)
Public and private aspects of trade and investment are examined. Topic will include multi-lateral trade negotiations under the WTO, monetary ex-change controls, industrial property rights, foreign investment incentives, and corporate competition laws. The subject also examines the Liberian Foreign Trade Policy, its practice and protocol, and relation with other countries and institutions.

Public International Law III (780)
This course examines the Legal nature of War, War Crimes, Humanitarian Law, and Collective Measures through the United Nations.

Foreign Language (French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish) Program
The language program is intended to equip participants with basic communication skills in few international languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

Current Events (850)
This program acquaints and informs the students of issues on contemporary relevance as it relates to the current situation of the global community.