Cllr. Jeddi Armah, Deputy Minister for Legal Affairs
Cllr. Jeddi Armah, Deputy Minister for Legal Affairs

GOL Sends Delegation to Ghana to Address Buduburam Camp Crisis

The Government of Liberia has sent a high-level delegation, including representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cllr. Jeddi Armah, Deputy Minister for Legal Affairs and officials of the Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC), to Ghana to collaboratively resolve the ongoing issue affecting approximately 1600 Liberians residing in Ghana.

The government of Liberia has revealed that since the onset of the unfolding situation on February 26, 2024, the Liberian Embassy in Ghana has been engaged in dialogue with the Ghana Refugee Board and other relevant authorities. Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs chaired a stakeholders' meeting with the LRRRC to strategize solutions for the affected Liberians.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, through persistent efforts, the LRRRC has determined that out of the 1600 affected Liberians by the Buduburam demolition, approximately 1539 express desire to be repatriated to Liberia.

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. has been briefed on this matter and has pledged his support to facilitate the necessary modalities to ensure a smooth return for those opting to return home.

Reflecting on the events of February, wherein a group of nearly 8000 West African nationals, including some Ghanaians, sought refuge at Buduburam in Ghana, only to have their shelters demolished, leaving them vulnerable and devoid of basic necessities such as food and water. The 1600 affected Liberians from this group found refuge in two schools and a women's center. Regrettably, the Gomoa East District Assembly has initiated legal proceedings seeking eviction of the Liberians from a school within their jurisdiction, with the case scheduled for hearing on April 11, 2024.

In response to the lawsuit, the Liberian Embassy is actively pursuing a peaceful, out-of-court resolution, while the LRRRC progresses with repatriation plans. In light of these developments, the Deputy Minister of Legal Affairs of Foreign Affairs will travel to Accra to engage in dialogue with her Ghanaian counterpart and other relevant authorities to foster a peaceful resolution. The Liberian Government's current plan aims to have all Liberians wishing to return home safely within Liberian borders by the end of April.

The Liberian Government remains steadfast in its commitment to the welfare and safe repatriation of its citizens, urging the Government of Ghana to provide utmost support to this process. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has also reached out to the Ghanaian Embassy in Monrovia, requesting their assistance in diplomatically and amicably resolving all outstanding matters and seeking clarification on recent governmental actions.